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Friday, July 15, 2016

ES File Explorer File Manager v4.1.2.2 + ES Classic Theme Cracked APK [Latest]

Friday, July 15, 2016
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ES File Explorer File Manager 
ES File Explorer (File Manager & File Transfer) can easily to search and manage file in local, remote and cloud. It can convenient to library music, picture and video, to do cloud management, SD Card Analysis, Cache cleaner and auto-start management, even web browser.
Highlights of ES File Explorer (File Manager & File Transfer):

File Manager – Manage your files like you do on your desktop or laptop using Multiple Select, Cut/Copy/Paste, Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share, Send, Hide, Create Shortcut, and Bookmark; operations can be performed on local files (on Android device) or remotely (on your computer)
Application Manager – categorize, uninstall, backup, and create shortcuts to your apps
Remote File Manager – when enabled, manage files on your phone from your computer
» Built-in ZIP and RAR support allows you to compress and decompress ZIP files, unpack RAR files, and create encrypted (AES 256 bit) ZIP files
» Built-in viewers and players for various file types, including photos, music, and videos; supports third-party applications, such as Quick office, for opening others
» Shows thumbnails for APKs and images
» Text viewers and editors
» Access your home PC via WiFi with SMB
» Functions as your FTP and WebDAV client. Manage files on FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and WebDAV servers just like you manage files on your SD card
Supports Dropbox,, Sugarsync, Google Drive (Google Docs is now a part of Google Drive), SkyDrive, Amazon S3, Yandex and more.
ES File Explorer is an enhanced cloud storage client with more functions than the official versions,
it can save photos, videos, and other files to your internet drives and share them with others.
Bluetooth file browser You can copy and paste files between Bluetooth ready devices. It supports OBEX FTP for browsing devices and transferring files between Bluetooth devices.

» Remove Programs application homepage toolbox option.
» Removing favorites list associated with Baidu advertising practices.
» Removing the task manager and application download pop the lock.
» Adjusting the root directory of fragmented files to the same data folder.
» Disabled by default to automatically detect application upgrade can be updated manually.
» Streamlined a lot of extra language files retain only Simplified and Traditional British.
» Optimized content and other details of the interface options menu.

file manager es file explorer file explorer es explorer es downloader file manager app
 ES File Explorer File Manager v4.1.2.2  APK (8.95 MB)
ES Classic Theme Cracked (1.91 MB)


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