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Friday, July 08, 2016

Download Free SENuke TNG Cracked

Friday, July 08, 2016
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Boost your websites to the top of Google by SEnuke TNG..
SENuke TNG best first-rate back-links available in any software, however, besides, they have the secret sauce no one is telling you approximately…

The tool also comes with new rank-dominating features that automatically create:
» Valuable social links
» Outstanding press releases
» High authority web profiles
» Fully optimized SEO campaigns
» Media rich content and more.

» Improved Article Manager – unlike in the previous version where you had to set up a campaign or project and then generate content for it only, Senuke TNG has banished the direct link between the content and campaign. You can now setup content for a particular niche and still use it in other different campaigns. You can also remove, add and change content whenever you like and also alter the content in linked campaigns with just a single click.
» The New Smart Link Placement – with this feature, TNG inserts your links and searches your keyword strategically and contextually places it within the article. It also places links to contents that don’t have keywords and make them appear 100% natural
» Optimized Spinning – with TNG, you can now auto-spin your content using the Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner. It also comes with an inbuilt TBS spin function that is swift and spins large contents than the standard spinner.
» New Automated Authority Links – the new Senuke can generate automated authority links which are later placed in your article contextually.
» Collapsible lists – TNG has changed the previous long and big collapsible lists and has introduced alphabetically arranged files, thereby facilitating easy navigation through them.
» Integrated KontentMachine – there is no manual copying of your KM content in Senuke TNG. The new tool interacts with KM’s cloud storage to fetch articles automatically.
» The New CrowdSearch module – since the Click Through Rate (CTR) and Search Metrics Listed CTR are the most popular ranking factors, the CrowdSearch module increases their numbers automatically. This is done through a proprietary process that is unique to Senuke TNG.
» Color-coding – this new feature enables you to see which campaigns are completed, the ones that are still running and the ones that have not started. Every campaign is coded with a different color for authenticity.
» The New Loop Mode – this feature allows you to loop a campaign. You can setup a campaign and schedule loops forever, adding new content every time you want to create an account. You can also use the same accounts once more, speeding up the process, building up authority and reducing costs.
» The New Wait Project – unlike the previous version where campaigns started and went on non-stop until they were finished, the new Senuke TNG permits users to schedule campaigns naturally allowing waiting periods between the various projects in a campaign.

» It offers an unlimited number of emails and verified proxies
» It comes with several strategic link building campaign templates
» It allows users to create high-quality content.
» With this tool, users are guaranteed of high-profile lists.

» The tools require a lot of time to comprehend and learn how to use it.

how to rank a video video ranking software tube traffic traffic swarm review Download free tuberank jeet 2
 Download Free SENuke TNG Cracked (3.26 MB)


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